ICT Facilities
Professional instructors
Level matching classes
The Japanese culture and customs
Examination preparation study
Study to achieve the goals
Student visa application necessary
Having a valid visa
   There are four semesters in one academic year, starting in April, July, October, and January. It takes overseas applicant about six months from application to enrollment in each session. We represent the applicants to submit application documents to Immigration when they need "college student" status to enter Japan. The most extended stay in a Japanese language school as an international student is two years. We offer the students professional preparation lessons of JLPT and EJU. Moreover, students here could get advice and support from experienced teachers on their further study.

   The regular course is available to learners who have a valid visa, living in Japan, or are about to move to japan, like foreign residents, returnee children, and Japanese expecting to deepen their understanding of the Japanese language. Any time is a good time when you start thinking about learning Japanese
   There is a level-check examination to ensure everyone enters the appropriate class. Applicants might have to wait for some days when there are no suitable classes.
   We recommend applicants preferring the most suitable content, the private course.  

Fees (tax included)
Enrollment Fee: 11,000yen
Tuition Fee: 137,500 yen /semester
                   (Enrollment amid the semester will be charged by days)
Facility Fee:     5,000 yen /semester
Material Fee: Actual Cost