Our motto is,「正しく実用的な日本語の習得」, to study the proper and pragmatic Japanese. We’re devoted to creating a place for global cultural exchange and making the knowledge, experience, and general
understanding that flourishes useful to bring up international human resources.

・Education to awaken students’ desire to study

・Education to enable students the ability to lead a secure and safe life in Japan

・Education to arm students with high-level Japanese language to open up their future

・With discretion

・To flourish internationally with a full understanding of different societies, cultures

・Devote to convey the fantastic japan as the representative with a full version of Japan and the Japanese language

     Asahi International School Tsuchiura locates in a quiet neighborhood in front of Arakawaoki Station in Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture. Tsuchiura school is based on Asahi International School in Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, one of Japan's earliest Japanese language schools. We're well prepared to carry on our mission to inherit the excellent tradition and experience of Asahi International School. Meanwhile, we won't forget to combine the needs of the current society with the characteristics of our students. Our education enables our students to make brilliant achievements in their future with a high-level Japanese capacity.
2 Years Course (Student Visa)

2-year-long Japanese course for who's willing to do any further study in colleges or universities in Japan. We offer you not only Japanese lectures you need for your study but also those necessary in Japan's daily life.
It's required to have a certificate of a Japanese study of no less than 150 hours. Besides that, it's necessary to have a certificate of at least N5 level in JLPT.
The enrollment is in April.
1 Year 6 Months Course (Student Visa)

A Japanese course for applicants willing to enter colleges or universities for further studies. The students will have lectures on the Japanese language, Japanese culture, and society.
It's necessary to have a certificate of at least N5 level in JLPT and a Japanese study certificate of at least 150 hours.
The enrollment is in October.
Foreign Residents in Japan

We welcome foreigners living in Japan or
staying in Japan temporarily with a valid status
to study in our school in the ordinary course. It's possible to enroll anytime. Moreover, we
provide private lectures or group lectures under the applicant's demand.
Address: 2-23, 2-Chome, Akehara, Kashiwa-city, Chiba Pref., 2770843, Japan
Tel: 04-7146-1145