Non-Japanese speakers could study the Japanese language intensively in various ways, like regular-class lessons, private lessons, and group lessons, face-to-face or online. We accept applications from overseas and domestic. Enrollment at the beginning of each semester is preferred, but one could apply anytime. The class division is based on the result of the level check test.

Necessary Documents
1. Application Form (available at the school office or from the following download link)
2. A copy of the Resident Card or the passport in the case of a short term stay
3. Photo (3cm * 4cm)
Application Form
Tuition (Tax in) ※Regular
Tuition (Tax in) ※Private
Registration Fee:  ¥ 11,000 (Overseas application only)
Enrollment Fee:    ¥ 11,000
Tuition:                  ¥137,500 /semester   
Textbook:              Actual Cost (under 7,000 yen. Different according to the level)
(*) It costs ¥11,000 (tax in) separately to issue the Certificate of Admission.
Private Lesson (Online)
NoP                 90 min. each
1P                   11,000 (7,800) yen
2P                   5,940 (4,290) yen/person
3P                   5,200 (3,640) yen/person
4P                   4,700 (3,315) yen/person
Textbook:       Actual Cost (different according to the level)
Group Lesson
NoP                90 min. each
5P                   4,500 yen/person
6P                   4,250 yen/person
7P                   4,000 yen/person
8P                   3,750 yen/person
Textbook:      Actual Cost (different according to the level)