Our motto is,「正しく実用的な日本語の習得」, to learn the proper and pragmatic Japanese. We’re devoted to creating a place for global cultural exchange and making the knowledge, experience, and general understanding that flourishes useful to bring up international human resources.

・Education to awaken students’ desire to study

・Education to enable students the ability to lead a secure and safe life in Japan

・Education to arm students with high-level Japanese language to open up their future

・With discretion

・To flourish internationally with a full understanding of different societies, cultures

・Devote to convey the fantastic japan as the a representative with a full version of Japan and the Japanese language

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The 31th Matsudo Speech Contest in Japanese Language of Foreign Residents
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       Asahi International School was established in Harajuku, Tokyo in 1973  Then from the year 1981, we've devolved into Japanese language education for near 50 years. As a member of the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education (Nisshinkyo), Asahi International School was the first authorized Japanese school as No. 87-1 which could apply for the Certificate of Eligibility for the overseas applicants.  
       Asahi International School locates in a city in Chiba Ken which has a population of about around 400,000 named "Kashiwa".
April 2024
・  4/  8            The First Day of Spring Semester
・  4/29            Shouwa's Day (national holiday)

May 2024
・  5/ 3~6        Holidays
・  5/24           Orientation Guidance and Welcome Party for
                             new students of the April intake
                       School Trip (Second Grade)
・  5/31           Physical Examination
June 2024
・ 6/  7            JLPT Mocking Test (In school)
・ 6/16            The 1st EJU of 2024
・ 6/19            Final Test
・ 6/20            Extracurricular Activity
・ 6/21            The Last Day of Autumn Semester
・ 6/22~30      Holidays
Professional Instructions
100% Guarantee
Professional Instructors
We are focusing on improving the quality of education and the development as well as training of new instructors. We are a professional group that always strives to improve the students' comprehensive ability. Considering the weak point of each student, we provide them the most meticulous guidance.
Experienced Instruction

Most of our teachers have over 10 years' experience in Japanese language Education. We teach Japanese language with various knowledge on Japan’s culture, history, and other genres to enable students to master the practical and functional Japanese.

Free Visit and Trial Lessons
A free visit is welcomed as well as the trial lessons. Any time is the best time when you make a decision. We'll give you appropriate suggestion based on the result of a free level test. Please feel free to contact us.
·5 minutes' walk from Kashiwa station.
·30 minutes to Ueno by train
·Peaceful & safe neighborhood
·Surrounded by kindergartens, middle school, and high school
·Large amount of books prepared for students
·Magazine, Manga, Reference book
·Level check test before enrollment
·Final test at the end of each semester
·Grade repeating or skipping are related to the result of the final test
·A combination of modern teaching material and original Asahi teaching method
·Private meticulous counseling on the further study based on each single student
·Recommendation system